What to do with an injury

With Get fit for Rugby Principles thankfully injuries are pretty rare with

our team but when you dothere is little point in turning into a snowflake.

Mentally this is where you really step up to the plate.

The starting point is focusing on what you CAN do.

It is the medic staff’s job to tell you what you CANT do.

And that’s ok. It is their job.

I know at this stage of the season it literally is last man standing. big time.

We had one player who hadn’t played a minute last season waiting
for specialist opinion after specialist opinion.

His focus was on what to avoid ALL THE TIME.

A talent, in my opinion, who is sitting on the sideline instead
of showing us what he can do.

So what to do when you get an injury?

1) get it properly diagnosed

2) work the sh*t out of it.

There is a school of thought and through my own experience that
the weaker the muscle group the more often you can hammer it.

You bring up weaknesses pretty quick. We are talking multiple times
per DAY.

I have rehabbed a grade II medial knee ligament tear in 10 days.

3) each area will need specific exercises. Try and find ones that can be
done with purpose and at home that way you will do them more often

4) get over it – you are injured, you don’t need to tell the world.

5) focus on the positive – yep this is a great time to rehab other areas.

Maybe you have a knee injury but your chin ups are as good as a three
year old. Time to bring them up to speed.

6) keep up your combat conditioning levels appropriate to the level you
are injured at. Can’t do full contact? ┬áTry some weighted sandbag throw
and catch to keep a level of body hardness or some conditioned body
impact drills

There are a good deal more but in the event you do get injured then don’t
wait. The manual has some great drills in there to get you back playing
faster than ever.

And there is a grata exercise video library so you can get all the information
you need to succeed.

Check it out here.

For less than the cost of a trip to the Physio you can
bullet proof your body with pure beast like strength.

Yours in rugby

John Lark

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