Troubleshooting and Fitness for Rugby

Troubleshooting and Fitness for Rugby

A question that is often fired at through the email is ‘why do I not get any results?’ and it is key in attempting to implement a sound rugby fitness programme.

Good question – a great one in fact. It shows that you are not going through the motions and thinking about what you are doing.

There are three over-riding reasons:

1) Wrong Training System.

A rugby player came to me looking to boost his rugby fitness particularly his rugby strength. It read like most training diaries. 3 sets of 10 for all the big lifts with a few curls etc.

What is your goal? If it is strength for rugby then train for that. If you are looking to lean up then do so. Try not to chop and mix goals during a training cycle. Work at 3 weeks for increases in rugby strength before maybe dropping to a more ‘accumulation’ or volume based cycle. Or work at getting lean and improving growth hormone response over relative strength work.

Similarly is your nutrition training system in line with your training?

Boozing away whilst trying to lean up will lead to near suicidal binges on lettuce leaves in a vain attempt to ‘carve up’. Likewise leave the almighty pasta feeds to ‘bulk up’ to the victims of the 1970 body building community.

It is possible to put on mass without eating like a pig – and I mean lean muscle – the stuff that is acutally used on a rugby field.

2) What are your goals?

This goes back to writing down what you want to achieve. Do not overlook this. I always use to skip over this section. Some new age stuff. But in reality this is what keeps you coming back for more. your fitness 4 rugby will be out on supercharge as a result.

A simple task really. You are FAR more likely to achieve your rugby fitness goals by writing them down. Any less than that and it is a wish.

3) Compliance

Think you are eating 5 good clean meals 7 days a week. That amounts to 35 meals a week. Compliance means hitting 90% week in week out. When you boil it down to figures then look long and hard at your compliance scores. Hitting every scheduled workout?

Get this right and then, and only then will we worry about the intricate details.


p.s. Stoppped being pussy whipped around the ruck. Now.

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