Rugby Fitness Programme Mistakes

One of the newbies unearthed his rugby fitness exercise program

I was flabbergasted.

There must have been 8-10 exercises.

It left me with a headache.

I would question if after doing that session he
had anything to show in the form of measurable
levels of strength improvements.

Maybe blurred vision and a lack of any form
of results.

And this isn’t tiddlywinks.

3-4 exercises. Performed with purpose and intensity.

Not an encyclopedia of this that and the other
performed like a granny.

No disrespect Nan.

Here are my top 3 in no particular order.

1) Clean

There are toned of variations but I now know
after years of avoiding them that from a clean pull
to the full blown clean and jerk that they are
incredible at building a jacked physique AND
a rugby BEAST.

2) Squats

If you aren’t squatting in one form or another then
you are losing out.

Single leg, back, front, zercher, split – any form
they need to be done.

You can smash these.

3) Deadlifts

There is nothing better for building a bullet proof
back, glutes and hamstrings than some form of

Find your level and then jack up the intensity with
quite low volume 1-3 sets of 5-8 reps.

Think of it like this and trust when I say it is this simple.

If you can do 100kg for 5 reps with your squat.

Imagine the animal you will be when you can 140kg
for the same reps.

So why toss around with leg extensions with toes in
or forearm curls?

Get strong. Keep it simple.


John Lark is author of Get Fit for Rugby the Ultimate Rugby Fitness Manual.


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