Listen to Your Body My Rugby Playing Friend

“I don’t feel like training today coach” said one of my rugby players

“Yeah why not”

Just not feeling it. Had a crap nights sleep after

We had just done some combat drills involving a
bit of wrestling on the pitch and he didn’t have his
normal level of ‘bite’.

Chop it then bud.

I had done him first hand – being 10 years older
I was surprised then not surprised.

And this is one of your first mistakes

1) Don’t train if you can’t gain

If something isn;t set to improve then you are
best taking a recovery session or going home.

Club training may be difficult but gym work you have
that power.

I remember warming up and not feeling a squat
session I had mapped out.

In my hay day that would have wrecked my head.

The extra day was what I needed and me
and my partner smashed out PBs 48 hours later.

2) Not training with enough intensity

Yep – on the flip side training like pussy is a sure
fire way to alienate yourself and lose friends
on the pitch.

We had one fella who always used to duck out
of the odd drill.

Yep – it turned out that he was the same fella
that ducked out of the crucial tackles too.

You can’t hide out there and habit is habit.

3) Working on your strengths.

Be objective. Not emotive. Know your weaknesses
and turn them into strengths.

God knows how many injuries I have worked with.

But you can turn that around.

You just need the dog.

My knee injuries (MCL tear) gave me the opportunity
to build bullet proof knees by tearing into them,

I rehabbed a grade II tear in 10 days through
shear bloody mindedness.

By the way don’t make the same mistakes
I have made over the years.



John Lark is author of Get Fit for Rugby the Ultimate Rugby Fitness Manual.


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