It took four minutes

It took 4 minutes

We were finishing up the session there the other day
and I rolled out the prowler for one of my rugby players.
If anyone has seen these bad boys they look as intimidating
as they feel when you are on one.
A sled on steriods. Get fit for rugby on steriods.
So I go one of our back row boys and he ploughed into
the first rep.
20m push of a weighted sled (there was alot of weight)
Not too bad.
4 minutes later he was still at it. His first rep.
Did he give up?
Did he waiver?
Was he fried?
In fact he stood up and just about keeled over after 1 rep.
This wasn’t me being a sadistic S.O.B.
It was bringing the intensity to a session that had
been lost by not giving enough earlier.
And that separates those who get results from their
training and those who dont.
Fighting for every inch no matter what you do
on and off the pitch.
It translates folks. After all this is the most combative
sport out there.
There may be 50 collisions per player.
there needs to be a hardness to the team.
Would he be doing this every day?
No. But yesterday he needed a hand grenade.


On that note…
For your interest, Get Fit for Rugby forms the
basis for everything I do with the teams I work
It covers
– Beaast Strength
– Conditioning
– Speed
– Flexibility
and so much more
This is real world information folks straight off
the training pitch.
Yours in rugby
John Lark
p.s. Roll on the weekend! Who are your predictions?
Ireland to win – as an Englishman I hope so. That took
some saying but it will take some drama..
 John Lark is author of Get fit for Rugby


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