Fitness for Rugby Through the Summer Months

Fit for Rugby Through the Summer

Trying to obtain fitness for Rugby through the Summer months can wreak havoc with your season in the long run.

I know.

I have been there.

What’s your contingency plan?

Or do you not have one?

As a player this may be the time you can put on some serious mass. But most of us over-eat at this time of year to help up with thi. Couple this with a good resistance training programme and you will find it easy to put on 4-5lbs in as many weeks.

For most of though, keeping the body fat levels maintainable is crucial. After all there is little point being fit for rugby and a dough boy – unless you play in the front row.

So use this period well.

If you are looking to keep you and your players at a healthy ‘fighting weight’ for your season and not blow your results over the beers then try this:

1) Up the Intensity of Your Training Sessions to include a 10-15 minute block of Rugby Specific Fitness at the END of the session.

2) On non-game weekends organise some 5-a-side or some fun rugby games. Great for keeping the team fresh yet fit.

3) Go easy on the sugars! This piles on the weight by disrupting your insulin levels. High levels of insulin levels pre-dispose you to putting on fat rather than shifting it. If you and your players are not following a diet high in complex carbs, protein and Omega 3 fats then START NOW!!. Drop the reliance on pastas, white breads, bagels, muffins etc to help you with your energy.

They key to sustainable energy is small regular feedings NOT the ‘white devils’. A great book I am reading lately is Jonny Bowden’s 150 Healthiest Foods (you can find it on Amazon)

John Lark is a strength and conditioning coach based in Kildare,ireland. You can visit his web site and pick up your free get fit for rugby fitness course here

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