Fitness 4 Rugby – 5 Ways to Get Rugby Fit

Fitness 4 Rugby – 5 Ways to Get Rugby Fit

Rugby Fitness is largely dependant on not one method of training but several. as one famous strength coach once said ‘what you don’t train, you lose’. So ignoring working on one method at the expense of the other is a mistake. Here are 5 ways of getting rugby fit that have no order of priority but work more as a checklist.

1. Strength Training for Rugby

Hit the weights room and hit it hard. This is where the battle is won and lost. Rugby is a power event and for that large base levels of strength are required. 3-4 sessions in the off-season should hold you up well. Depending on your time-table during the season keep sessions to 2 a week.

2. Conditioning for Rugby

You will need to be able to sustain and express your strength levels in every minute of the 80+ that you will be exposed to. Strongman training, sled pulling, interval running, hill sprints are all excellent ways of conditioning for rugby. Mix them up, use variety and perform them in the off days or alternatively at the end of your strength sessions if you are short on time.

3. Speed Training

Speed kills it. The biggest mistake people make with speed training is, is not running fast enough or not with enough intent. Quality is paramount here. You must run with 100 per cent intensity to make improvements. Any less than this and you are pissing in the wind – so to speak.

4. Mobility

I heard a great coach say ‘If you can’t get there, someone will put you there’. So if your joints are stiff and immobile then think of that next time you are asked to drop your scrum height or dive into a ruck. Work on this as much as you can

5. Recovery and Regeneration

We have a fancy term ampngst strength coaches called ‘supercompensation’. It basically means ‘coming back stronger after stressing the body’. For this to happen though, you need to learn how to relax and recover using methods such as good nutrition, workout nutrition, baths, massage, stretching otherwise the stress you place on your body is just compounded. Your hard work really doens’t get out of 1 st gear.

So mix it up and learn how to get fit for rugby using all five of these elements

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