Who Wants Your Own Rugby Fitness Coach and Workouts 24/7 to Give You an Unfair Advantage Over Your Opponents?
The Reasons Why Some Players Never Reach Their Potential
Reason No. 1 – You have a Lack of Focus

Lack of focus will lead to a lack of progress. Without focus and direction an individual will drift from session to session without any clear cut goals and direction. This will kill any results you are looking to achieve.

Look at the support structures around players at the top level and even those folk who get RESULTS. This level of support and coaching provides them with the opportunity to focus on what is important cutting through the fluff and getting stuff done.

Reason No. 2 – You Lack Accountability

Top athletes hold their hand up in a group setting and hold themselves accountable. Trying to do this alone is a long and lonely road. Accountability to delivering on promises and action works.

Group settings provide an environment for success with everyone finding that extra 1% in each other to strive and succeed. In my experience from running a successful training facility this has to be one of the ingredients of our success.

Reason No. 3 – You are Overwhelmed with Information

Let’s face it there is information overload and spending hours and energy on sifting through this will lead to one thing – paralysis by analysis. Nothing gets done! Being able to sift through the information is based on experience and an art! One thing is for sure debating which method works without actually stepping under the bar or out on a training paddock will lead to ZERO results.

Reason No. 4 – You Don’t Have a Programme

A programme provides you with a fool proof way of ensuring you are going to reach your goals. Would you set out in a car heading to a new direction without some idea of where you are heading?

Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD when it comes to fitness programmes is rife too. We mix up methodologies so that they become so diluted that eventually they just don’t work. Get a plan, a proven plan, follow it through for a minimum of 12 weeks and assess from there.

Even worse is a programme that just doesn’t work. Imagine spinning your wheels with a programme that just doesn’t work and the frustration you may feel!

Access to Your Personal Coach 24/7 with the Get Fit for Rugby Academy

With my Get fit for Rugby Academy you will have me as your coach 24/7.

Ask ay question you want in our designated forum.

Download the workout of the month with all the tracking sheets you need to print off and hit the gym or training session with. I get over 200 emails a month on these topics and I can’t possible answer all of them!

The key with this though is the level of accountability you will receive with the service accelerating your progress towards your goals, or you could try and continue to do this by yourself!

Each month you will be able to download a copy of the workout of the month complimentary to the programme. Build strength, power, muscle mass and speed all geared towards your performance on pitch. Plus you will get pretty jacked in the meantime 🙂

To start with too I will give you all the tests and goal setting strategies you need to see where you are at with your training.

There are bonus webinars on topics such as

  • Best Muscle Building Exercises for Rugby Fitness
  • How to Get Stronger for Rugby Fitness
  • How to Gain Weight for Rugby
  • The Best Way to Train for Rugby Fitness
  • How to Optimize Your Recovery so you can Get Bigger, Stronger and Faster

We will be using tools such as Dumbbells, Olympic Bars, Kettlebells, Combat Conditioning, Wrestling and much more to get you into physical beast.

If you need extra guidance and focus a quick look at our Exercise Database.

This programme will give you focus and a road-map towards the best shape of your life.

To recap the Get Fit for Rugby Academy includes:

  • 24/7 Access to Your Rugby Fitness Coach
  • Your Own Member’s Forum for Accountability, Questions and Guidance
  • The Workout of the Month
  • Access to the Exercise Database Video Library
  • Training Worksheets and Nutrition Guidance
  • Access to Webinars and Conference Calls
Give the €1 Trial a Go and See What You Think…

Give our trial a go. If after 14 days you feel that this for you and ticks all the boxes then great. You will be billed €99 for 6 months. But hurry because after the first 50 have signed up at this introductory offer the price goes up!

Yours in rugby

John Lark

Owner, Get Fit for Rugby

p.s. I am owner of Sphere Fitness here in Ireland which is home to the training lab of rugby players. Every day we train rugby players (male and female) to reach their true physical potential. We know what works and what doesn’t work and continue to learn and implement. This isn;t textbook knowledge – this is providing you with real tools to transform your rugby fitness.

p.p.s. I want this to be at affordable cost to everyone. But I can’t guarantee this forever. The €1 is a great way to see if it will work for you and even then the monthly subscription is a fraction of what you will pay to train or even receive a consultation from us here.