Rugby Training Session with the lads

We held a great training session up at the IRFU rugby fitness gym
base up in Carton House there on Monday.

Up went the white board as I had a session planned for the rugby guys and to improve their rugby fitness

(and the 20 minute search for a pen that worked)

The interns working with the head coach went for
the bench press straight away

Youth of today eh?

I wrote up a great program – so I thought.

But then you realize that this is the end of the season.

And the boys are beat up, but still standing.

I had one big bang exercise – the front squat.

By the end of the ‘audit’ I had 4 versions for that
that everyone could do.

You gotta be flexible whilst keeping to the principles.

Banged up shoulders and a grip? use a safety bar

Knackered neck – keep compression off with a
trap bar

Ankle out of action – try a trap bar

Can’t externally rotate the shoulder very well use
the cambered bar.

The landline is great for a bench press alternative.

So there you go. We had great intensity and work was

Every body happy.
There is some videos over at my


John Lark is author of Get Fit for Rugby the Ultimate Rugby Fitness Manual.


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