How to Develop Blazing Speed, Power and Strength for Rugby. Your Chance to See What it Takes to Bust Tackles and Burn Opponents
Finally Your Road Map to the Best Playing Condition of Your Life with Short, Intense Sessions, Pitch and Gym Based

From: John Lark, M.A. CSCS

Dear Coach and Player,

If you have spent hours in the gym or on mind-numbing treadmills or just still unsure of what you need to do to take your game to the next level then read on because this will be one of the most important letters you will ever read.

You all see the tackles, sure some of us feel them, as a coach we want our players to perform them. You see the bursting runs, the cute off-loads in the tackle, the dynamic rucks and strength in the mauls. You feel the power of the scrum and the line-out. Rugby fitness is the missing step. Do you know what it takes to achieve? I thought I did one time.

Experience the Methods That Allow Top Players to Perform These Rugby Feats Week-In-Week-Out
“I am the Fitness Trainer for the Fiji Rugby Team that Participated in the Rugby World Cup in France and narrowly lost to South Africa in the Quarters. Many thought we could and should have beaten South Africa, a testimony to the Fact that the team was able to score 17 unanswered points in the space of 10 minutes with 14 men. Thanks for your Get Fit for Rugby Manual. I have gained a lot from your emails and manual“”
Nacani Cawanibuka, Fiji National Strength and Conditioning Coach
John has tackled the progressive game of rugby head on. A thorough understanding of the modern physical demands and advancements in the optimal conditioning for performance has been long in coming.I have used advanced methods when working with elite rugby players with tremendous success, unfortunately at a time when a shift in paradigm surrounding rugby preparation was not overly welcome. With the pace and skill of the modern game being where it is, John’s work must now be seen as an imperative for rugby players and coaches at all levels. John’s experiences at the elite level, both playing and coaching makes this a critical resource for rugby fitness. Buy it read it and more importantly use it””
Mike Adams, Sports Pro International, Sydney, Australia
As a professional rugby player I am exposed to the demands of the game on a regular basis. Rugby requires speed, strength, stamina, flexibility and so much more. It is truly unique and with that respect requires a unique approach… provides that approach and I am pleased to see a strong emphasis on all of the above and more. The injury prehab and rehab strategies will keep me in the game for a long time a great resource for the modern day rugby player!”
Brenden Burke, Bedfrod Blues ex-Leinster Lions, European Cup Appearances Ireland 7 s
“I am pleased with my progress 15.5 stones at start; I am now a lean13.13 stones and feeling very fit and quicker for 44 years, I am now the weight I was when playing first class rugby, but I feel fitter and stronger? I think it is because of the Get Fit for Rugby, when I was a youngster I relied on only my aerobic fitness and speed, BUT ABUSED THE BODY(NIGHTS OUT AND ALCOHOL) where now I am on the programme, I am training on agility, speed, fitness, strength, change of pace and direction.”
Stuart London, Director, UK
“Thank you for all your help and advice, I live in South Africa and I’m getting better by the day I train most days and I’m getting fit so thank you for every thing, our club rugby starts January 2008 by then I’m going to be great I’m looking forward to the season because I’m going to be fit, and strong.
So thank you.”
Ludik Van Wyck, George, South Africa
“”I purchased ‘Get Fit For Rugby’ to help my team gain a competitive advantage over other teams, by focusing on neglected areas in rugby such as strength, speed and fitness. This book provides valuable information on how to reach peak performance in all these areas. This book is a good read for any rugby coach who wants to improve his team’s performance“”
Bilal Yusaf, Sri Lanka RU
“Thanks a million for all the help, it’s really working!! Ive really got stuck in to all the exercises and I’m already finding results!!”
Dean Nolan, UK
“Since I first signed on to receive your bulletins I have learned more than I ever imagined I would. Thank you for all your work in researching and writing.”
Norm Hotchkiss, Canada

‘Get Fit for Rugby’ is an ideal resource for coaches allowing you to take the guess work out of your sessions and concentrate on getting you and your team physically prepared and rugby fit for the season.


Because What You Are Doing at the Moment Maybe a Waster of Time…

As a youth level international rugby player, I have tried just about every method there is, not only on myself but with the athletes I have come across in my 10 years as a professional strength and conditioning coach. And do you know what?

Getting Fit for rugby is no easy task. What sport demands that you have an abundance of speed, strength, endurance, power, skill and mental toughness to carry you through the gruelling 80 minutes. Is there a secret to this?

Well I believe there is and it is not in the application of some bodybuilding, super-slow drawn out programme that has you focusing on the ins-and-outs of a bicep curl. No there is more to this. Much more.

There is a reason why full time professional outfits are armed with specialists for each and every aspect of rugby fitness because they realise the dramatic impact player’s fitness levels can make on the game.

Does it need to be ultra specialised? No, but every player is unique in the pitch and I have the solution to take your game to the next level with tools that will have you leaner, stronger and faster (but more on that later).

Finally everything you need to develop blazing speed, strength, power and the gas to dominate your opponent in every phase of play

Players and coaches, With Get Fit for Rugby! you will gain insightful and cutting edge material on how to get fit for rugby. Here’s what you get..

  • How hard you have to train for rugby fitness to get a positive response from your how to work the rugby specific energy system to give you the staying power when everyone else is falling by the way side
  • How to harness the power of supercompensation so you know when to put all your effort into the gym and equally when to back off and take a rest. This will save you hours of time in the gym banging your head against the wall wondering why you are not making any gains.
  • Utilise valuable tools on how to get fit for rugby in the shortest possible time both in and out of the gym! This is a great life-saver especially if you have a life outside of rugby. Maybe you have a family or a stress ful job. These sessions are short and intense but geared to maximise the time you DO have.
  • How to get fit for rugby in the gym using methods rarely witnessed in today’s gyms. That’s right. And it doesn’t require huge amounts of equipment. So if you haven’t go the cash for a gym membership – don’t worry.
  • The Ultimate Match Intensity drills guaranteed to give you the edge in physical rugby fitness over your opposition. These are awesome for developing match intensity fitness wuthout the need for endless hours of contact. Imagine having ALL your players available for selection through the WHOLE season.
  • Learn the exact exercise that you MUST be doing for your position in the gym. In fact of you leave this out I will guarantee that you will suffer from frequent knocks and injuries.
  • Gain a pre-season schedule guaranteed to get your team fit for the demands of pre-season rugby based on tried and tested methods used by professional clubs. Can you imagine having everything mapped out for you? This wil save you so much time
  • How to implement the 5-Steps to Rugby Match Fitness – this will save you picking up unnecessary injuries particularly if you have a small squad
  • Why the traditional laps of the field approach to getting your team fit has NO PLACE in fitness for rugby keeping your players engaged in what you want them to do!
  • Learn the correct way and fastest way to gain optimal strength levels for rugby saving you weeks, if not months of trail and error in the gym
  • Keep your players injury free with my top pre-hab and rehab strategies. Do you have any players sidelined? Then provide them with ALL the information they need to get back to rugby fitness faster.
  • How to prehabilitate those niggling areas that have been bothering you for months even years you know the ankle that you went over 2 years ago and you still have to strap it every time you play?
  • Learn my 5 top time saver exercises to get you fit for rugby in minimal time
  • How to choose the correct exercises to get fit for rugby, keeping things simple!
  • A 16 Week Step – By Step Programme that you can use immediately – Tailored to Your Position and in Easy to Use Format. Exercises, details and exactly what to do are all included. As a coach this is priceless. Most of the coaches who use this simply print it off and hand it to their players – IT IS THAT SIMPLE.


Why Would Your other Trusting Me?

I am a rugby player and a coach. I know how it is to train, eat and breathe rugby. And do you know what?

Firstly, I am always seeking new and innovative training methods.

Secondly, I have made alot of mistakes including training like a body builder and eating like a monk (both of which are not the way to go). The bottom line is this: I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I have made.

This quest has taken years! In that time I have played National level rugby in England and AIL Level Rugby in Ireland experiencing first hand what it takes to get teams fit and prepared for the season.

Get Fit for Rugby! is based on over 10 years of my practical conditioning experience and thousands of hours of in-the-trenches coaching, playing and conditioning rugby players

Special Bonuses Worth Over €200

training-diary-image This is an awesome resource jammed with information on goal setting, recovery techniques and training templates. There are sections to record your food intake, training data, sleep patterns and better still a little secret of the pros aka a ‘compliance grid’ to ensure that you know if you are heading on track or not.

This sells individually for 19.99 FREE alone.

Special Bonus No 2…

Picture 1I love this programme – it is brutally simple at packing on Mass in a Month with a 2 day alternating training split. 80% of the people who have used this in conjunction with timed carbo loading have put on half a stone in a month.

This sells individually for 37.99 FREE Alone

(I was tempted to just leave this on the hard drive it works that well…)

Special Bonus No 3…..

Picture 2Fresh from the SECRET Rugby Injury Files I have used this with rugby players when they have upper body injuries and even lower limb injuries that don’t allow any impact. When they return from injury they are in good condition and ready to hit the pads again rather than waiting for them to get back to full competitive fitness. Plug and play, hand it to your injured players and bingo – all the stress removed from you as a coach and a player

This sells individually for 19.99 FREE

Special Bonus No 4…..

Picture 3When you want Fat Loss Fast the guys and girls begin to expect the brutal ‘Giant Sets’ a circuit of exercises that are geared towards maximising your fat loss in the shortest possible time. No more wasted time on the treadmill or flooting around with the machines. Here is the quickest, toughest and yet most time efficient programme for you.

This sells individually for 37.99 FREE

Special Bonus No. 4…

Picture 5When my players and athletes are looking for a great physique without the muscle loss I roll out the Finishers at the end of the session. These are great to drop in at the end of a gym session and do exactly ‘as they say on the tin’. In 4-15 minutes you can have your heart pumping, every area of your body screaming for a tap-out or simply build a mental edge to your training. Rest assured your body will reflect your efforts.

This sells individually for 37.99 FREE

Bonus No.5….

Picture 4Who honestly wants to run laps of a pitch any more to get fit? That is long gone. Engage your players minds and at the same time improve their ball skills and conditioning levels with my 7 Turbo Charged Rugby Fitness Games. These are awesome to drop into the session to really engage your players AND get them rugby fit.

This sells individually for 19.99 FREE

Bonus No 6 is 1 Month Access to my Inner Circle

imagesAll my clients have direct access to me via my Inner Circle – a little corner of the web where questions are asked and answers are given in as much detail as I can possible provide (and let me tell you – this is great value). It is like having me as your personal coach 24/7 there to respond to your specific questions and queries.

This sells as part of a €325 Monthly Programme – FREE

Just to Re-Cap the Benefits of this Entire Season of Rugby Fitness…

  • You will learn the most efficient, time saving methods of how to get fit for rugby both on and off the field
  • You will learn how to get fitter, quicker, stronger, more powerful and more agile allowing you to perform bursting tackles, surging runs and feats you never thought you were capable of doing
  • You will learn how to implement the 5 Steps to Rugby Fitness with your team. As a coach I guarantee that your team will never be fitter after following this tried and tested system.
  • You will learn how to rehabilitate your own players with proven methods saving you costly medical bills and key players out of the game
  • Learn how to start this no matter what your playing level. Learn how to make the most of your training time no matter how much you have! From the amateur enthusiast to the semi-professional aspiring athlete!

Save Literally Thousands in Rugby Fitness Conditioning Fees & Time Spent Surfing the Internet for Information that is Worthless

Can you imagine what it would cost to hire your own private, conditioning specialist to guide you through your entire season. 5000 – 10,000 Euros? Or More? Get fit for Rugby! does just that for only €97 €37.99!

Why so cheap? The guide comes in digital ebook format allowing you to have immediate access to it via pdf format! This saves us on delivery costs so we pass the saving onto you. I don’t have to spend hours in the post-office or bind up pages into a nice ring binder. You just get all the stuff to use right away. And what’s more

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


What’s more we are offering a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee with your Order.That’s is how confident we are in

What have you got to lose? If you find that after 90 days there is nothing that is of any use to in the manual we will provide you with a full money back refund.

Well, I believe that the information in this will save you literally thousands in consulting a professional or setting up a similar situation in your club. Just a couple of tips contained within Get Fit for Rugby will improve your rugby fitness and save you time and wasted effort. 20 years of trial and lots of error for €37? No brainer (as they say)…

Yours in rugby

John Lark

p.s. Don’t forget that is €37.97 for an entire season mapped with fluff-free rugby specific conditioning knowledge. We guarantee this will save you thousands in conditioning fees and what’s more arm you and your team with the tools to dominate your opponent in every possible way!

p.p.s We are offering you with a 100 % Money Back Guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

p.p.p.s This is an ebook and is therefore available as an immediate download. If you don’t have access to a credit card then feel free to send a cheque to the address below made out payable to ‘John Lark’. We will be glad to send you the link to purchase the programme.


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